TVography, Five TV shows to watch back-to-back

I created a five itemed list of tv shows I felt were good to watch back to back. These tv shows were based off my intrests and my love for fantasy. All of the Tv shows I choose provide strong LGBTQ+ charechters within the shows. Such as on of the tv shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a very prominant relationship between WIllow Rosenburg and Tara Maclay. This is very important to me because I am part of LGBTQ+ comunity. I also view this as such a progressive show, since it was made in the 90’s. This describes all shows put on this list as throughout each show they all show struggles that diffrent types of people have to face. I have discovered all these shows within the last few years and have watched all of them carefully, learning about real life struggles even though these shows are fantasy. Another exmaple would be in Shamless one of the lead charecters comes out as gay within the first few episodes, he is shown as a strong and very masculine charecter and so are his partners throught the show, it breaks steryotypes and is very empowering as he is not defined by his sexuality.

My brainstorming notes for this post


American Horror Story,FX, 2011-2019. Netflix.

Angel,CBS, 1999-2004. Hulu.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CBS, 1997-2003. Hulu.

Shamless, Showtime, 2011-2019. Hulu.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Netflix, 2017-2019, Netflix.

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  1. I think that discussing some of your listed shows was a strong choice. The set-up of your paragraphs was also done well and while I am rather fond of the layour, it would be wise to have someone look over and spell check. It would help a bit to work with someone whose strong point is English. However, I also love the advocacy for LGBTQ+ members and appreciate the mention of characters who support it. Great job 🙂


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