Reflection Essay

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas, 9/29/19

Research Reflection Assignments 

I have been in many previous english classes, that have taught me multiple disciplines. One that has stuck with me the most is English 111. Within this class I conducted research on a very serious topic, domestic abuse. I used many mediums to present the information on this topic. First, I wrote a paper with information from five different sources. I then used the research I gathered from the paper to create a poster and presentation to inform my classmates on domestic abuse. I used my makeup skills to create informational pictures and included real-life stories. This research project taught me how to properly do research, such as where to find scholarly articles, and it taught me one can use different mediums to help present informational topics. 

I used informal research to create my TVography. I learned many things about my favorite TV shows before the TVography project was ever presented to me. It is hard to do scholarly research on TV shows as they are viewed as pieces of entertainment. I did however find many factous things that I presented in my TVography for example, I found that the first ever on-screen kiss of two same-sex charecters was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Informal research may start with a fun fact mentioned to you one day, and you may randomly remember later on in life that you use for scholarly assignments. 

Finally one big piece of research that has been done in this class is Norton’s field guide. This piece of literature is a very helpful aid for my learning as it helps to have critical thinking. For example the statement, “In some disciplines, it is important to know who wrote the text” and goes on to state “while in others it is not as important” in the twenty-fith chapter of Norton’s field guide . This helped me to understand what pieces of a document I need to do further research on when I am writing. The 26 the chapter of Norton’s field guide broke down each discipline of writing, for example I am looking into a historical field and there is a section providing an example of this stating things such as “offers a narrative of past events”. This ultimately will help me further along in my english career. 

Featured: Buffy figure rom Buffy the vampire slayer

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