When two worlds collide

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas,10/23/19

When Two Worlds Collide 

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas,10/23/19

When Two Worlds Collide 

Living your life closed off from what one knows as a normal society, and formal education. One never receiving formal medical attention, even when your life hangs in the balance, because your father believe doctors are “the Illuminati”. This image is unimaginable for most of america, but this is the life Tara Westover was forced to live for the best of twenty years, and written about in her memoir Educated. This life was rooted in idaho when she was born in 1986, and consisted of working in a junkyard,in dangerous conditions, hearing constant brates of the government, and never receiving any form of present day medicine, or even receiving a birth certificate until the age of eight. Tara finally escaped this life when she went onto college to receive formal education, and went onto cut off contact from her family for many causes. This life was well cut off, but there were rare cases in which Tara brought individuals to her home, and this caused many impacts, some even traumatic. In the beginning of chapter 22, What we whispered What we scream, Taras actions, and thoughts attempt to betray normalcy. 

One of the very few times “outsiders”, or those that were not part of Tara’s family, were brought into the Westover home is when Tara invites a male friend, named Charles, that reconnects with Tara in her years of attending college, to eat dinner. This dinner is focused on, how this is Taras first time bringing a person from her outside life and the interaction between Tara, and her brother Shawn. Shawn is a very negative factor throughout the novel as he constantly controls Tara, and attempts to harm her physically and emotionally. This is shown even before Charles arrives at the Westover house when Tara was setting table, and shawn proceeded to berate her for inviting a friend over, and “jabbing” her in the ribs which led to a physical altercation between

Tara, and her brother after Tara told him to stop. Charles then arrives at the westover home for dinner, and met with a sinister response from Shawn, as Shawn spoke of “all the ways he could kill a man”(Westover 188). Tara responded by simply laughing, and hoping to petray to Charles that Shawn is joking. Emotions go boiling over, when Shawn causes Tara to break a plate and then physically harms her until she apologizes. Shawn even goes as far as too grab Taras hair and pull  her to a bathroom to harm her more, after this incident Tara then continues laughing, and eventually charles leaves the home later stating “He loved me but he was in over his head” (Westover 190). 

This collide of Taras home life and college shows many things about the Wesotver family, and Tara herself. First it shows Shawn’s true character, and his desire to chaus mayhem especially when it comes to controlling and embarrassing Tara, this is shown when Shawn got enraged with Taras “whispered the apology, quietly, so Charles wouldn’t hear.”(Westover 188) Tara also shows her desire for normalcy as she attempted to call shawn’s abuse, playfulness and laughed at his advances. Tara also attempts to show Charles, and herself that she “was strong”(Westover 189). Tara also attempts to whisper an appoly too Shawn trying to concele it from Charles as it would show that Shawn is not kidding, and that there is true abuse going on in froont of Charles. In conclusion, this piece of the passage helped clarify Taras, and Shawn’s charecter, through there interaction too an outside force coming into the Westovers home. 

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