The comparing of frankenstine and Mutability

In Frankenstine by Mary shelly, Victor Shelly is placed on top of a moutain, almost a sense of peace within the chaos. On top of the moutain Victor quotes Percy Bysshe Shelly’s poem”Mutablity”. This relates strongly too Frankenstine as it provides insight into Victor thoughts. Victor begins by stating that ones sensability could be a downfall. As “Mutability” states “A dream has power to poison sleep” (Norton 766) as stated “The Norton Anthology of English Litature The Romantic Period”. This peice of this poem relates too Frankenstine as Victor states while on top of the moutain “why does man boast of sensebilitys superior to those aprent in brute” (Shelly 87). These relate as both statements share a disbelief of reality and sensability.

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