The mix of two evils

The Mix of Two Evils

One may wonder how works of literature from the Romantic period pertain to today’s morals, and lessons. The Dæmon-lover, and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner both demonstrate excellent lessons while still including mystical settings, and being well-respected works of british literature. These works of art were both written with england in the Romantic period. The two works of art have very similar language and many other possible characteristics that are similar. There are also many other separate characteristics within each piece of literature. 

The Rime of the ancient Mariner was written in 1798 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it has been adapted very famously to occur within movies. The storyline follows a mariner telling a story to a wedding guest at a wedding the mariner chooses to crash. The mariner talks of sailing on the sea, and his own pride engulfing him to shoot down a good omen, and awful spirits visiting his ship causing his crews’ souls to be sucked out of their bodys. The Mariner is then forced to make a deal and when done he must tell his story too whomever when the need arises. Thus forcing him to show his pride for the rest of his life, thanks to a hermit. In the end the mariner thanks god, and ends his story by leaving the wedding guest with more knowledge, and a lesson for them too share.

The Dæmon lover was written about a woman seduced by greed. The story entails a woman’s lover coming back to her after she had already had a family, and married too another man. The woman gets into a conversation with the past lover of what would happen if she left her

family for him. The past lover tells of his many ships made of gold, and the woman agrees to go with him for the money, and because of his looks. When the woman takes off in the ship with her forbidden lover she notices some contradictions to the things he promised, but continues on. After a while of sailing the past lover reveals his true form, as the devil with a “cloven foot”, and states that he was taking her to “O yon is the mountain of hell”(Lynch 63) and sunk the ship into  the sea along with her. 

These two poems are very similar in many ways, one reason is they both have religious figures as there is a hermit within The Rime of the ancient Mariner, and the devil within The Dæmon lover. The Dæmon lover even states “On yon the hills of heaven… where you will never win”(Lynch 58-59). ANother similarity between the two poems is, they both treat valuable lessons of greed, and pride not controlling a person. There are also many differences within the poems, such as the fates of the main characters. The mariner got a second chance to learn while the woman got sunk into the ocean. The woman also regrets her decision after seeing the devil, while the mariner realised the wait of his mistake right away. Overall both stories provide great lessons, an insight into the romantic periods style of writing. 

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  1. Anna, “The Mix of Two Evils” presents a thoughtful comparative study of the Celtic ballad “The Daemon-lover” and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” but numerous errors of mechanics and style undermines the writing. Before you submit your assignment for the Victorian era, be sure to review the sample analysis posted in Blackboard and the style guidelines on page 4 of the syllabus.


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