The modern day Tea party

Modern day Tea party

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by: Lewis Caroll, is a Victorian era literary piece. The book was published in 1865, featuring Alice as the main charecter in a fantasy world down a “rabbit hole”. Alice goes into the rabbit hole to chase a rabbit that she heard talk. Going down this rabbit hole led Alice into a strange world named Wonderland. This piece of literature alludes to many things in the main character’s life. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland starts by the main charecter, Alice sitting with her sister, and having a talking white rabbit run up to her stating “Oh dear! I shall be late!”(Caroll 1865). Thus Alice went into the twisting and turning rabbit hole, thus leading her into a world of growing through drinks that make her shrink, and cakes that make her grow. Alice enters a garden to attempt to follow the talking white rabbit, Lewis Carroll uses two poems in chapter two, to emphasize the setting Alice is placed in while crying so much she floated through a small door into a garden. Alice started talking gibberish stating “Alice’s right foot, Esq. Hearthrug, near the fender, (with Alice’s love). Thus entering the garden, and meeting new characters. 

Alice then continues on her journey throughout wonderland, meeting a talking mouse and angering the mouse by talking of cats, and dogs, and a variety of birds that have a discussion between each other. Alice uses many phrases throughout the piece of literature within the beginning of her journey in wonderland, one example is “you had got to the fifth bend, I think?” (Caroll 1865) thus showing how literature is used in that time period. Alice then goes on attempting to find the white rabbit, taking advice from many animals along the way, one charecter very known and incorporated throughout movies and plays is the caterpillar that smokes out of a

hookah, stating phrases to attempt to make Alice feel as though she does not know her own identity, phrases such as “explain yourself”(Caroll 1865) after Alice tries to explain why growing or shrinking is not normal is the formal setting Alice originated from. A very iconic scene in this piece of literary work is the tea party scene with the Hatter, and Alice, on Alice’s search for the white rabbit, Alice’s mood becomes irritated within the setting of this story, because of the Hatters consistent riddles such as “You might just as well say that ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’” (Caroll 1865) thus the hatter exhibiting a playful behavior, also described in the time in which the book was wrote as going mad, and the mad part being incorporated into later works. Throughout the rest of the literary piece Alice meets The King and Queen of hearts, the Queen stating her infamous line that has been kept through all adaptations, of ordering execution, and Alice have multiple quarrels over power and non-sensible topics within the kingdom, only to end with Alice waking to her “dull reality” near her sister.

I choose to take pictures to replicate the tea party scene, to the best of my ability. I wanted to capture the emotion within Alice, and the Hatter in this scene. I choose to attempt a very youthful look for Alice, as she is a child, and a more amused look for the hatter, and simply use items found around my personal home. I attempted to capture certain moments within this piece of the literature, such as the Hatter acting quizica; or Alice looking annoyed. This assignment helped grow my knowledge on different time periods, british literature. 

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Victorian word games

When playing board games such as Scrabble, you build words or approved names as done in my English 242 course. When letters are presented on the scrabble rack you can make many words for points. Victorian authors names may also used to make words out of letters created, one victorian author would be, William Howard Russell. When taking Williams last name their are 42 possibility to make words. One word that has a possibility to be created that I am unfamiliar with is, “El”, the definition of the word is an elevated railroad or train. 

The mix of two evils

The Mix of Two Evils

One may wonder how works of literature from the Romantic period pertain to today’s morals, and lessons. The Dæmon-lover, and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner both demonstrate excellent lessons while still including mystical settings, and being well-respected works of british literature. These works of art were both written with england in the Romantic period. The two works of art have very similar language and many other possible characteristics that are similar. There are also many other separate characteristics within each piece of literature. 

The Rime of the ancient Mariner was written in 1798 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it has been adapted very famously to occur within movies. The storyline follows a mariner telling a story to a wedding guest at a wedding the mariner chooses to crash. The mariner talks of sailing on the sea, and his own pride engulfing him to shoot down a good omen, and awful spirits visiting his ship causing his crews’ souls to be sucked out of their bodys. The Mariner is then forced to make a deal and when done he must tell his story too whomever when the need arises. Thus forcing him to show his pride for the rest of his life, thanks to a hermit. In the end the mariner thanks god, and ends his story by leaving the wedding guest with more knowledge, and a lesson for them too share.

The Dæmon lover was written about a woman seduced by greed. The story entails a woman’s lover coming back to her after she had already had a family, and married too another man. The woman gets into a conversation with the past lover of what would happen if she left her

family for him. The past lover tells of his many ships made of gold, and the woman agrees to go with him for the money, and because of his looks. When the woman takes off in the ship with her forbidden lover she notices some contradictions to the things he promised, but continues on. After a while of sailing the past lover reveals his true form, as the devil with a “cloven foot”, and states that he was taking her to “O yon is the mountain of hell”(Lynch 63) and sunk the ship into  the sea along with her. 

These two poems are very similar in many ways, one reason is they both have religious figures as there is a hermit within The Rime of the ancient Mariner, and the devil within The Dæmon lover. The Dæmon lover even states “On yon the hills of heaven… where you will never win”(Lynch 58-59). ANother similarity between the two poems is, they both treat valuable lessons of greed, and pride not controlling a person. There are also many differences within the poems, such as the fates of the main characters. The mariner got a second chance to learn while the woman got sunk into the ocean. The woman also regrets her decision after seeing the devil, while the mariner realised the wait of his mistake right away. Overall both stories provide great lessons, an insight into the romantic periods style of writing. 

The comparing of frankenstine and Mutability

In Frankenstine by Mary shelly, Victor Shelly is placed on top of a moutain, almost a sense of peace within the chaos. On top of the moutain Victor quotes Percy Bysshe Shelly’s poem”Mutablity”. This relates strongly too Frankenstine as it provides insight into Victor thoughts. Victor begins by stating that ones sensability could be a downfall. As “Mutability” states “A dream has power to poison sleep” (Norton 766) as stated “The Norton Anthology of English Litature The Romantic Period”. This peice of this poem relates too Frankenstine as Victor states while on top of the moutain “why does man boast of sensebilitys superior to those aprent in brute” (Shelly 87). These relate as both statements share a disbelief of reality and sensability.

The devil speaks

Blake, Wiliam. The artwork, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. The Norton Anthology English Literature 10th ed. M.H. Abrams founding editor. W. W. Norton, 2018 C.3

When one first lays eyes on the painting, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell they cannot help but wonder where might the idea originated. The work of art is based off a poem written by William Blake. The poem is quite intriguing as it alludes to a mix of good and evil or good within the ugly, “Roses are planted where thorns grow”(Blake 6). This relates to Mary shelley’s Frankenstein as Doctor Frankenstein’s creation is seen as evil to most but is good or heaven to him. The work of art mainly takes the decribed scene within the book and the theme and properly paints what is described, as an argument or a clash of Heaven and hell, as there is metion of honey bees then serpants (Blake 8,17), which could be viewed as condratictions on there own as they both have sweet and sour qualitys. 

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Annotated Bibligraphy

Evaluated Annotated Bibliography:

Bipolar Disorder 

Anna Young 

English 112- 872

Catawba Valley Community college

Bipolar Disorder is a complex mental disorder that can be a hard disease to understand and sometimes process. Berk Grande, presents the disorder  in a very short but concise way within his article. Berk presents Bipolar Disorder as fluctuations in mood and energy. Grande also compares the disorder to depression, and depressive episodes. Berk also provided negative impacts this disease can have on one such as, “death by suicide” (2016). This opens up a more serious discussion of how the disorder is formed, along with what can be done to heal it.

There are many times of bipolar disorder, that affects one with the disorder in many ways as stated by National of the mental health (2016). The article also talked of other mental disorders that raises one’s chances of having bipolar disorder such as, Anxiety and ADHD. They types of Bipolar disorder are Bipolar I which causes week long “manic episodes”, and then  for multiple weeks cause “depressive episodes”Bipolar II causes shorter less erratic episodes. There is also Clythomania which occurs over a one too two year span of constant mania and depressive episodes, their are unclassified types as well that do not fit within the tree pre- described types. This information presented drives me as  the reader to feel the need to go into deeper research, as there are more undescribed types of bipolar disorder.

There are many experiments done with those diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. One study conducted, through BMC psychiatry (2014), following adolescents over a fifteen year span to see what was the leading factor for developing Bipolar disorder. The article provided answers too many questions prior to research such as, what is the most common cause, which according to the article was genetics. Another study conducted by The British Journal of Psychiatry (2017) , was a study done on how an effective psychosocial therapy is for those with Bipolar disorder. Psychosocial therapy is therapy to avoid medication as portrayed by the study. These informational articles, caused me to be more informed about Bipolar disorder and felt like excellent articles to use for an Annotated Bibliography. 

Annotated Bibliography

Grande, I., Berk, M., Birmaher, B., & Vieta, E. (2016). Bipolar disorder. The Lancet, 

387(10027), 1561-1572. doi:

As Bipolar disorder is studied intensively, The Lancets research on this disease gives one an ability to to be introduced to Bipolar disorder, as it provides generalized statistics of the population, and how it is affecting those diagnosed. The Lancets research, presented in a summarized form gives, an understanding of the difficulties and effects of bipolar disorder. 

The scholarly article presents a summary of information found within Bipolar disorder, and gives an empathetic perspective, providing mortality rates and struggles one has with this disorder. The information presented by, The Lancet (2016) is not overshadowed by the main perspective; one’s knowledge of bipolar disorder is “of the utmost importance”. 

Bipolar Disorder. (2016, April). Retrieved December 1, 2019, from

The National Institute of Mental Health provides in depth research on the many types of bipolar disorder. This article presented its information through spretating and defining, providing the reader a way to process information more clearly.

The article presents symptoms one may experience, within the multiple types of bipolar episodes, and gives the reader a true understanding of the disorder while also stating mental health resources for the reader to seek if in need of help. The National Institute of Mental Health (2016) provides clear facts on Bipolar disorder and the effects one has from it, with research backed up within the article. 

Päären, A., Bohman, H., von Knorring, L., Olsson, G., von Knorring, A., & Jonsson, U. (2014).

Early risk factors for adult bipolar disorder in adolescents with mood disorders: A 15-year follow-up of a community sample. BMC Psychiatry, 14 doi:

Aivar päären, the main presenting writer of research done within BMC psychiatry to study early risk factors within adolescents with mood disorders. The study helps those researching Bipolar disorder to understand what may cause bipolar disorder to develop, by presenting the most common reasonings within the adolescents that were studied, and followed up on within their adult life. 

Aivar also presents the information in a clear, and detailed manner by providing the reader with concise charts, showing how the adolescents were divided up, and later on in the article providing the results of their study within a table. Overall, BMC psychiatry (2014) study helps too aid ones research of developing bipolar disorder in a very brief, but detailed manner, and provides the reader with a better understanding of some of the adolescent pre-diagnosed symptoms. 

Chatterton, M. L., Emily, S., Berk, M., Barendregt, J. J., Carter, R., & Cathrine, M. (2017).

Psychosocial therapies for the adjunctive treatment of bipolar disorder in adults: Network meta-analysis. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 210(5), 333-341. doi:

The British journal of psychiatry presents a study of the effects of psychosocial intervention on diagnosed bipolar adults. This article provides statistics of how many adults are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and how common the widespread of the disorder is. 

The British  journal (2017) provided a more in depth approach to their study as they mostly used medical terms when describing the many things used to access subjects within the experiment. The article also provided proof that there experiment was backed up by providing how they tested bias. Overall The British Journal provides information too, the reader in a very clear manner helping the reader to understand and use statistics to test within their own hypothesis.

When two worlds collide

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas,10/23/19

When Two Worlds Collide 

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas,10/23/19

When Two Worlds Collide 

Living your life closed off from what one knows as a normal society, and formal education. One never receiving formal medical attention, even when your life hangs in the balance, because your father believe doctors are “the Illuminati”. This image is unimaginable for most of america, but this is the life Tara Westover was forced to live for the best of twenty years, and written about in her memoir Educated. This life was rooted in idaho when she was born in 1986, and consisted of working in a junkyard,in dangerous conditions, hearing constant brates of the government, and never receiving any form of present day medicine, or even receiving a birth certificate until the age of eight. Tara finally escaped this life when she went onto college to receive formal education, and went onto cut off contact from her family for many causes. This life was well cut off, but there were rare cases in which Tara brought individuals to her home, and this caused many impacts, some even traumatic. In the beginning of chapter 22, What we whispered What we scream, Taras actions, and thoughts attempt to betray normalcy. 

One of the very few times “outsiders”, or those that were not part of Tara’s family, were brought into the Westover home is when Tara invites a male friend, named Charles, that reconnects with Tara in her years of attending college, to eat dinner. This dinner is focused on, how this is Taras first time bringing a person from her outside life and the interaction between Tara, and her brother Shawn. Shawn is a very negative factor throughout the novel as he constantly controls Tara, and attempts to harm her physically and emotionally. This is shown even before Charles arrives at the Westover house when Tara was setting table, and shawn proceeded to berate her for inviting a friend over, and “jabbing” her in the ribs which led to a physical altercation between

Tara, and her brother after Tara told him to stop. Charles then arrives at the westover home for dinner, and met with a sinister response from Shawn, as Shawn spoke of “all the ways he could kill a man”(Westover 188). Tara responded by simply laughing, and hoping to petray to Charles that Shawn is joking. Emotions go boiling over, when Shawn causes Tara to break a plate and then physically harms her until she apologizes. Shawn even goes as far as too grab Taras hair and pull  her to a bathroom to harm her more, after this incident Tara then continues laughing, and eventually charles leaves the home later stating “He loved me but he was in over his head” (Westover 190). 

This collide of Taras home life and college shows many things about the Wesotver family, and Tara herself. First it shows Shawn’s true character, and his desire to chaus mayhem especially when it comes to controlling and embarrassing Tara, this is shown when Shawn got enraged with Taras “whispered the apology, quietly, so Charles wouldn’t hear.”(Westover 188) Tara also shows her desire for normalcy as she attempted to call shawn’s abuse, playfulness and laughed at his advances. Tara also attempts to show Charles, and herself that she “was strong”(Westover 189). Tara also attempts to whisper an appoly too Shawn trying to concele it from Charles as it would show that Shawn is not kidding, and that there is true abuse going on in froont of Charles. In conclusion, this piece of the passage helped clarify Taras, and Shawn’s charecter, through there interaction too an outside force coming into the Westovers home. 

Work Cited

Westover, Tara. Educated. Random, 2018.

Reflection Essay

Anna Young, English 112, 872, Dr. Jane Lucas, 9/29/19

Research Reflection Assignments 

I have been in many previous english classes, that have taught me multiple disciplines. One that has stuck with me the most is English 111. Within this class I conducted research on a very serious topic, domestic abuse. I used many mediums to present the information on this topic. First, I wrote a paper with information from five different sources. I then used the research I gathered from the paper to create a poster and presentation to inform my classmates on domestic abuse. I used my makeup skills to create informational pictures and included real-life stories. This research project taught me how to properly do research, such as where to find scholarly articles, and it taught me one can use different mediums to help present informational topics. 

I used informal research to create my TVography. I learned many things about my favorite TV shows before the TVography project was ever presented to me. It is hard to do scholarly research on TV shows as they are viewed as pieces of entertainment. I did however find many factous things that I presented in my TVography for example, I found that the first ever on-screen kiss of two same-sex charecters was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Informal research may start with a fun fact mentioned to you one day, and you may randomly remember later on in life that you use for scholarly assignments. 

Finally one big piece of research that has been done in this class is Norton’s field guide. This piece of literature is a very helpful aid for my learning as it helps to have critical thinking. For example the statement, “In some disciplines, it is important to know who wrote the text” and goes on to state “while in others it is not as important” in the twenty-fith chapter of Norton’s field guide . This helped me to understand what pieces of a document I need to do further research on when I am writing. The 26 the chapter of Norton’s field guide broke down each discipline of writing, for example I am looking into a historical field and there is a section providing an example of this stating things such as “offers a narrative of past events”. This ultimately will help me further along in my english career. 

Featured: Buffy figure rom Buffy the vampire slayer

TVography, Five TV shows to watch back-to-back

I created a five itemed list of tv shows I felt were good to watch back to back. These tv shows were based off my intrests and my love for fantasy. All of the Tv shows I choose provide strong LGBTQ+ charechters within the shows. Such as on of the tv shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a very prominant relationship between WIllow Rosenburg and Tara Maclay. This is very important to me because I am part of LGBTQ+ comunity. I also view this as such a progressive show, since it was made in the 90’s. This describes all shows put on this list as throughout each show they all show struggles that diffrent types of people have to face. I have discovered all these shows within the last few years and have watched all of them carefully, learning about real life struggles even though these shows are fantasy. Another exmaple would be in Shamless one of the lead charecters comes out as gay within the first few episodes, he is shown as a strong and very masculine charecter and so are his partners throught the show, it breaks steryotypes and is very empowering as he is not defined by his sexuality.

My brainstorming notes for this post


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